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Travel updates London, Bangkok, and Barcelona top the list of most booked cities globally for 2024

January 24, 2024

Prague, Czech Republic –’s latest booking data reveals that London, Bangkok, and Barcelona are the most popular cities booked for 2024, so far*. Following closely are Paris, Rome, Manila, Milan, Singapore, Madrid, and closing the top 10 is Istanbul. In the top 20 booked destinations, even more exotic places are visible, such as Phuket City, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City, Denpasar, and Tokyo.

On the country level, Spain, Thailand, Italy, the Philippines, and the United States are leading, followed by the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Germany, and Vietnam. Mexico and Vietnam have entered the top 10, replacing last year’s Portugal and Malaysia.  

According to data, the nationalities showing the greatest enthusiasm for travel and having booked the most trips for 2024 so far include: American, British, French, Italian, German, Spanish,, Polish, Filipino, and Romanian citizens. Added to the list this year are Ukrainians, following the partnership with VisitUkraine in a joint effort to provide Ukrainians abroad with travel choices.

Although it is still early in the new year, booking data indicates that travelers are planning their trips well in advance. Compared to 2023, flights for 2024 were booked 15 days earlier, with the majority – 33% – booking their trips 21-60 days in advance. They are followed by even earlier planners who booked their trips 61-121 days in advance, making up a total of 27% (compared to last year’s 22%) of the bookings made on 

The average price for short-haul flights (0-1,499km) globally so far this year is at €102, medium-haul flights (1,500-3,999) €172, and long-haul flights (4,000+) €495.

Those booking return trips on, go on average for a 7-day vacation, although the majority, accounting for a total of 69% of bookings, traditionally prefer short getaways lasting up to three days. Travelers opting for trips lasting from four to six days make a total of 14%, while those choosing seven to ten days make up 10%. The remaining travelers booking return trips, tend to go for prolonged stays.  


About is a leading global travel-tech company headquartered in the Czech Republic, employing over 1,200 people worldwide.’s innovative algorithm enables users to find better route options and prices other search engines can’t see, daily performing billions of price checks across 95% of global flight content. 100 million searches are carried out every day on’s website and partner channels. On average, over 70,000 seats are sold daily.

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