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Does nationality and age make a difference in travel preferences?

July 25, 2023 took a look at the booking behavior of their customers in key European markets

  • Gen Z travelers book more long-distance trips, especially those from the United Kingdom, Germany, and France
  • London is the favorite city destination booked so far this year from the majority of markets surveyed, for Germans it’s Palma de Mallorca and for the French it’s Paris

25 July 2023 – has looked into their travel data for bookings from the Czech Republic, France,  Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain, and the United Kingdom since the start of the year to look at travel preferences in each country, as well as looking at the differences in Gen Z’s booking behavior. data* shows that this year most travelers from all the aforementioned countries choose to vacation in warmer destinations such as Spain and Italy. This applies to Spanish nationals as well, booking national flights to destinations such as Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Madrid, and Ibiza. French nationals also tend to book more domestic flights, with cities such as Paris, Toulouse, and Nice in the lead. Out of the eight countries, citizens of the United Kingdom are the only country to have a long-distance destination (United States) in their top ten.

While on the country-level southern destinations are more popular, on the city level, London is on top for all nationalities other than Germans, who book Palma de Mallorca, French travelers book Paris and the British head to Dublin. 

Top ten countries booked by each nationality:

Czech Republic France Germany Hungary Poland Romania Spain United Kingdom
Italy France Spain Italy Italy Italy Spain Spain
Spain Spain Italy Spain Spain United Kingdom Italy Italy
United Kingdom Italy Portugal United Kingdom United Kingdom Spain United Kingdom Ireland
France Portugal Turkey Greece Poland Romania Portugal United Kingdom
Portugal Morocco United Kingdom Germany Norway Germany Germany Turkey
Greece United Kingdom Greece France Greece France France Portugal
Netherlands Greece Morocco Portugal France Greece Morocco France
Denmark Tunisia France Cyprus Germany Belgium Poland Poland
Croatia Ireland Poland Netherlands Sweden Netherlands Greece United States
Sweden Romania Bulgaria Malta Netherlands Portugal Ireland Germany


This year, travelers from Poland are spending the least on their travels — on average €121 per ticket. They are followed by travelers from Romania, who spend on average €128, and from Hungary – €142. Czech and Spanish travelers spend about the same amount, €171 and €175 respectively. Those spending most are travelers from Germany, paying on average €195 per ticket, France – €202, and the United Kingdom €203.

When it comes to planning, Czech travelers are the first to book their tickets, on average 52 days prior to departure. Romanians are the ones buying their tickets the least in advance, on average 36 days prior to departure, followed by French and British citizens, both booking, on average, 45.5 days in advance. Those have the highest percentage of last-minute bookings: 16% of French, 14% of Romanians, and 12% of British citizens book their trips less than three days prior to the departure. 

How does Gen Z travel?

Bookings made by Gen Z on show different results. When booking travel outside of their home countries, citizens from the United Kingdom, France, and Germany book more long-distance destinations – all three have Thailand, the United States, and Indonesia in their top 10 destinations booked this year.  This trend can also be seen in bookings made by Gen Z travelers from Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary, when longer distance bookings start to appear within the top 20 most booked destinations, while for Romania long distance locations come within the top 30.  

Gen Z seems to know how to hack travel and pay less for their trips. Polish travelers spend the least on their flights: 99 on average, followed by Romanians €113, Hungarians €115. Czech and Spanish travelers spend the same amount – €136 and €137, respectively.  Gen Z travelers from the United Kingdom spend on average €174, from France €181, and from Germany €182. 

Gen Z travelers leave it longer than other age groups before deciding to book. Romanians follow the booking trend of their compatriots and prefer to wait, booking the least in advance –- 34 days on average. They are followed by British citizens who book trips on average 38 days prior to departure, Germans –  39 days prior departure, French – 40 days, Poles – 42 days, Spanish – 43 days, Hungarians – 42 days, and Czechs – 44 days.

Gen Z uses mobile devices to book their trips way more than average, with Romanian travelers being the top users with 66.45% booking their trips on mobile device. They are followed by travelers from the United Kingdom – 56.5% of whom used a mobile device to book their trip, Hungarians – 54.94% and Poles – 54.37.  On the other hand, half of German travelers used their mobile device to book a trip.  46.7% of Czech travelers used this method to book their ticket, who also has the lowest country’s average at 29%, while from Spain 45.93%.

*Bookings made on between 1 January – 25 June, 2023, to travel at anytime.

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