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World emoji day: Top 10 emojications for 2019

July 05, 2019 provides the top ten getaways for 2019 inspired by the new emojis rumored to arrive on your smartphone this month

Over fifty new emojis will be introduced to the worlds smartphones this month, announced by Unicode. The series of ideograms has inspired to list the top places to visit where you can get good use of the new rickshaw, flamingo and temple icons.

Just don’t forget your new emoji swimmers…

Rickshaw rampage, Thailand

World emoji day: Top 10 emojications for 2019

Invented over 50 years ago, the rickshaw has slowly become an iconic symbol of Thailand culture. No matter where, there’ll always be the manic rickshaw rush causing bedlam in the streets of Thailand and travelers can experience this first-hand during visits to cities such as Bangkok and Phuket. Not everything has to be as manic though; yearning travelers can escape to the Koi Samui, or visit the ethereal Phi Phi Islands if all it gets too much.

London — Thailand

Flights to popular cities from £303

The temples of India

World emoji day: Top 10 emojications for 2019

The Hindu temple emoji is a testament to the rich religious background that India has to offer and users will definitely feel encouraged to delve deep into the country’s history with this emoji. From the lavish Golden Temple of Punjab, the Shirdi in Maharashtra, to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple just off the Ganga River in Varanassi, Uttar Pradesh. The country is filled with meaningful and beautiful symbolic houses.

London — India

Flights to popular cities from £358

Free-fall in Dubai

World emoji day: Top 10 emojications for 2019

For the more thrill-seeker traveler, the new parachute emoji will certainly inspire a handful of us to tick the extreme sport off the bucket list. From the generous amount of landscapes and environments across the globe, there is no better place to do it than in Dubai. The Palm Jumeirah is a tree-shaped, man-made island, filled with extravagant hotels, bars and restaurants. Risk-takers can enjoy the jump from 13,000 feet and see the Palm Island in all its glory.

London — Dubai

Flights from £156

EcoTravel in Sumatra

World emoji day: Top 10 emojications for 2019

The addition of an orangutan emoji will be sure to inspire any nature loving traveler to visit the home of the species in Sumatra, Indonesia. The volcanic island is full of natural wonders; the volcanic lake known as Lake Toba, the grand coastal city of Padang and the small tourist town of Bukit Lawang, known for its idyllic landscapes and geography.

London — Jambi City

Flights from £522

Where the wild things are in Scotland

World emoji day: Top 10 emojications for 2019

Perhaps there’s nothing cuter than the new otter emoji due to land on our keyboards later this year and whilst otters may be scattered across the US, a quick trip to the west coast of Scotland can let any ardent animal lover enjoy some otter-watching. After all the excitement, stop off at the grand Loch Linnhe, the foot of Ben Nevis, Fort William or enjoy the sights of the Great Glen Way

London — Scotland

Flights from £73

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

World emoji day: Top 10 emojications for 2019

The snorkel will definitely spark thoughts of leaping into crystal blue waters and experiencing total relaxation to any traveller hankering for summer. The largest living thing on Earth and a body of water visible from space, aka The Great Barrier Reef, is home to the most captivating sites of natural beauty and is definitely one to tick off the bucket list. Countless species of fish and an ecosystem that spans 500 millennia; the destination is one for any traveler thinking of putting on a snorkel this year.

London — Australia

Flights from £873

Flamingos in Florida

World emoji day: Top 10 emojications for 2019

One of the many new bird emoticons to land later this year but holiday-makers will definitely go pink trying to find this one in the wild. Nostalgic travelers will relish to experience the American state where they once were found. The Sunshine State, Florida, is home to Walt Disney, the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios. Nature-lovers may also find the bird in Everglades National Park.

London — popular areas across Florida

Flights from £478

Sloths in South America

World emoji day: Top 10 emojications for 2019

Expected to be a new fan-favorite, the animal behind the emoji can be found scattered across South America. Adventurous globetrotters will undeniably want to experience one of the rainforests where it’s found; the Amazon. Undoubtedly one of the best landscapes on the planet and a location soon to be in danger. Explorers can soak up the delights the rainforest provides and trek down the Amazon river.

London — South America

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World emoji day: Top 10 emojications for 2019

Food lovers will be sure to wander where to find the best waffles after the heavenly aliment hits keyboards in the coming months. Travelers can travel to Belgium, where the iconic Belgian waffle originate from. Hankering foodies can also revel in the cities’ culture and heritage by visiting the Grand Place, Belfry of Bruges or the Manneken Pis.

London — Belgium

Flights to popular areas from £29

Find a maté in Paraguay

World emoji day: Top 10 emojications for 2019

Possibly the most questionable emoji to enter the field later this year is the maté emoji; a snapshot of the caffeine-rich beverage from Paraguay. Its iconic aesthetic will be sure to excite the most audacious of us all to visit the pleasing land of Paraguay. Once the nomad has been refreshed, explore the mysterious Itaipu Dam, La Santisima Trinidad de Parana or sip on some maté over Monday’s Falls.

London — Paraguay

Flights from £958


All flights accurate as of 16.07.19

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