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Media room:
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The European summer entices global travelers to return

June 06, 2022
  • booking data shows Italy, Spain and Greece as most selected European destinations

6 June 2022 – Bookings for summer 2022 are skyrocketing, surpassing 2019 volumes, after two years of lockdowns, restrictions and uncertainty. data* shows that when comparing last year’s summer bookings, this year sees almost four times growth, and when comparing pre-pandemic 2019, an increase of 47.6%.  

Bookings made from Europe see a similar trend – a four times climb compared to 2021 and 59% when compared to 2019. This applies to passengers that plan to travel more than once this summer as well – an increase of five times is monitored in comparison to last year and 2.3 times to pre-pandemic. sees the desire to travel focuses mostly on European seaside destinations. Travelers from around the world choose Italy, Spain, the US, Greece and the UK. Europeans, similarly, choose Italy, Spain, Greece, UK and France in their top five favorite destinations. London, Barcelona and Milan are the top cities booked for June, July and August by global travelers 2022. 

While ticket prices have seen an increase of just over 23% that reflects the rising passenger demand, rising inflationary pressures and rising fuel costs (which airlines have faced in recent months), they are still below 2019 prices by 18.9% globally. Within the European continent, the prices have increased by 26.9% compared to last year, but similarly, remain 22.7% cheaper than in 2019.

The top five nationalities booking with this summer are Americans, Brits, French, Germans and Spanish. 

*Bookings made from 1.1 – 05.06 of each year for the months of June, July and August.

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