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Media room:
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Budapest is on top again: the most romantic Valentine’s destination has been chosen

February 11, 2022
  • Budapest is the number one booked destination on for 2022 Valentine’s weekend
  • Global reservations for Valentine’s weekend doubled compared to 2021 while reaching 93% of 2019 volumes
  • Flight tickets are almost 40% cheaper compared to 2019

11 February 2022 – Last year’s romantic Valentine getaways were spoiled by restrictions and lockdowns.  This year, despite some ongoing restrictions, travelers’ prospects are more positive as many European destinations are open to foreign visitors.

After being the top destination for winter getaways, Budapest is once again on top of the bookings for Valentine’s weekend getaway, according to data.  Most bookings to Budapest for Valentine’s weekend were made from Europe, with 40% being couples and two-thirds of visitors choosing to stay up to three days.

Rome, Istanbul, Kyiv and London follow Budapest’s lead in the most booked destinations for Valentines, placing the obvious choice, Paris, out of the top 5. 

With the rollout of vaccines and the lifting of restrictions, trust in traveling keeps increasing.  Compared to 2021’s 15-day booking window (the period of time in advance a passenger books their flight), this year we see travelers eager to book  – on average, 22 days in advance.

While trust in travel is increasing, the prices keep dropping making it an ideal period for travel.  In comparison to 2019, booking for this year’s Valentine’s weekend is almost 40% cheaper (37.6%) shows’s data. 

The biggest interest remains in bookings to Europe, taking 54% of total bookings globally for the Valentines weekend, followed by Asia 19% and North America 14%  in second and third place.  

Currently, travelers can find on the Deals page very low ticket prices to European destinations that are contributing to the decision to take a romantic weekend abroad.  

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