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No immediate suspension of Ryanair’s so-called “verification” process but the fight goes on

October 03, 2023 continues working for the best interests of its customers

October 3, 2023 – Following the Commercial Court of Madrid’s decision this week, continues to be engaged and committed against Ryanair’s new verification process (implemented only against indirect customers), as is also the case with a growing list of consumer organizations and authorities from across Europe, including the Italian Antitrust Authority.  This new verification process, which is an excessive and invasive collection of personal information, followed by charging consumers fees at the airport, sometimes more than the flight cost itself, goes against everything we stand for.

While it is disappointing that there will not be an immediate suspension of this so-called “verification,” we trust that the final decision will remove Ryanair’s new verification process and restore our customers’ position of having freedom of choice, which this unilateral action is seeking to erode. At we will continue working for the best interests of our customers.

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Clarification of the court decision:

  • asked the court to urgently suspend Ryanair’s so-called verification process in the period from now to when the case is heard
  • The court decision on this preliminary request did not look at the validity of the verification process, only the request to urgently suspend the so-called verification process in the interim period

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