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London top destination booked on for 2023, Bangkok currently Nr. 1 for early 2024

November 06, 2023
  • Bangkok, on the other hand, received nearly 119 million searches so far in 2023, making it the most searched destination

Prague, Czech Republic – According to booking data*, London remains the most popular global destination for the remainder of 2023 and into February 2024 for travel within Europe, with overall travel volumes to the city growing just over 17% year-over-year.

Asia bookings have risen 55% compared to the same period last year, with Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila the most visited Asian cities so far this year.  Bangkok is in second place globally in 2023, and is the most searched destination, with almost 119 million searches conducted on It already claims top spot in bookings globally for travel in January 2024.

Although the busiest travel period this year was certainly the summer season – specifically, in order of preference, the months of July, September, August, and June – November and December also see traffic with bookings increasing by nearly 18% compared to last year. Top cities globally for those months are London, Barcelona, Paris, Bangkok, and Rome, and top countries Spain, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, and Thailand. 

2023 booking data shows that travelers plan their trip 4 days more in advance in comparison to last year, where the average was 25 days. Those booking return tickets on, opt for trips lasting on average 7 days, with the majority (74%) going on shorter trips of up to three days.  For the period of November and December 2023, travelers book slightly longer stays, as the number of those going for short trip drops down to 66%, with the rest going for trips lasting from four to six days – 15%, seven to ten days – 9%, eleven to fourteen days – 4%, 15-30 days – 5 % and only 1% have plans to return in more than 30 days. 

*Data collected on bookings from 01.01.2023-31.10.2023 for travels in 2023 or 01.11.2023-01.01.2024.

Data collected on bookings from 01.01.2022-31.10.2022 for travels in 2022 or 01.11.2022-01.01.2023.

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