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Company news welcomes the UK High Court decision for Ryanair to pay back what is owed in unpaid refunds during the pandemic

October 31, 2023

UK online travel operator, On the Beach group, awarded over £2 million damages after successfully suing Ryanair.

Travel tech company, welcomes the decision of the UK High Court to uphold On the Beach group’s application for Ryanair to pay back what was owed in unpaid refunds. CEO, Oliver Dlouhý, commented, “We welcome this decision as a step in the right direction to ensuring customers are free to choose their preferred way to book without penalty and that booking by an intermediary is not used as an excuse to avoid refunding cancelled tickets.”

The award is part of a case that was launched in October 2021; On the Beach sued Ryanair for blocking them from booking flights with the airline and sought damages over refunds that it had paid out.


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