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The biggest European conference about Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Learning applications to take place in Prague in cooperation with

May 25, 2023

25 May 2023 – In cooperation with leading travel-tech company,, the biggest European conference about Machine Learning, AI and Deep Learning will take place in Prague, at the O2 Universum, on 2-4 June 2023. The event attracts experts to the stage from organizations including Amazon, Emplify, Google, Microsoft, and Workday.

“We are excited about the opportunity to co-organize Machine Learning Prague this year and bring together experts in the field of Machine Learning to share knowledge and experience. At, we use machine learning to analyze large amounts of data from a variety of sources – such as demand for destinations or travel search patterns – to make predictions and recommendations that benefit our customers and improve our operational efficiency,” explains Dr. Patrick Giordani, VP of Data at 

The event will introduce experts from Lucie Blechová, Machine Learning Engineer, and Thomas Browne, Senior Data Scientist, who will host a workshop taking place on the opening day, 2 June 2023. 

Dr Giordani explains the focus of the workshop which is on Gaussian Process Regression (GPR) related to numerical simulators.  “Numerical simulators are very complex systems describing a non-trivial phenomenon. They are mainly used in technological fields where numerical simulation replaces a physical experiment that could be either very costly or dangerous. An example could be a system of pipes cooling a power plant and this would be a non-trivial and crucial system, and running actual experiments would be dangerous and expensive. With Machine Learning, it is possible to calculate all the outcomes, however, it has a high computational cost as a single simulation can take a few seconds, even on a powerful machine.  GPR helps by approximating the complex simulator by a much more lightweight one that gives similar results to the complex one.”

During the workshop, the attendees will be given a walk through of the basics of GPR in Python and provided with implemented examples of how GPR can help.

Jiří Materna, the founder of Machine Learning Prague, adds, “We are delighted to be supported by, a company that has always been a pioneer in innovation in travel technologies. Machine Learning Prague grew from a small conference to one that hosts over a thousand attendees from all around the world.  One of our main goals is to bring top world experts from the machine learning field to Prague and I am glad that this goal has been accomplished once again.”

From a small ML applications conference in 2016, the event has grown with now over 1000 attendees and forty speakers expected to attend the three-day event in the Czech capital this year.  Visitors can expect talks, hands-on workshops, and other forms of interactive content. Interested participants can register and buy their ticket at: 

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About Machine Learning Prague

Machine Learning Prague was launched for the first time in 2016, when Jiří Materna, one of the biggest experts in Machine Learning in the Czech Republic, saw the need in the Czech market for a space where machine learning experts can meet, discuss and share their knowledge. Since then the event has seen thousands of participants and hundreds of speakers. 

About is a leading global travel tech company headquartered in the Czech Republic, employing over 1,500 people worldwide.’s innovative algorithm enables users to find better route options and prices other search engines can’t see, performing billions of price checks per day across 95% of global flight content. 100 million searches are carried out every day on’s website and partner channels. On average over 60,000 seats are sold daily.

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