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Company news and Slido are joining forces to organize free technology events in Bratislava, starting with a special guest from STRV

February 14, 2023

14 February 2023, Bratislava – Travel-tech company and Slovak industry-leading interaction platform Slido have joined forces to bring multiple events for data engineering enthusiasts to Bratislava throughout this year. It is expected that the events will boost the data engineering community in Bratislava by creating a friendly environment for knowledge and resource sharing, and a place where like-minded people can socialize. The first joint event will welcome a guest speaker from the software design company STRV and will be focused on Machine Learning in product development.

The series of events will happen throughout the year roughly once every two to three months, and will cover a range of topics connected to data engineering. These include ways to leverage cloud infrastructure for AI, tricks for easier featurization, how Machine Learning drives business, and strategies for model evaluation. Both and Slido will be hosting the events in their office spaces, and a special guest from a different technology company will be invited to every event to share their knowledge about the innovative ways technology is used to solve problems.

“Our data is crucial to the day-to-day functioning of We perform billions of operations every day, and without proper data management, we would not be able to deliver the best offers to our customers. By building the local data community, aims to create a space where people can learn from each other, share knowledge, and develop their data engineering, data science, and analytics skills. and Slido are both young tech-driven companies that are excited about the latest data trends, which makes our partnership a logical step,” said Martina Ivaničová, Engineering Manager of Data Intelligence at

“At Slido, we are committed to building a world-class product from Slovakia, and with this in mind, we have been organizing a variety of tech and product-focused meetups. Our goal is to help the local community grow in numbers as well as knowledge. We are really grateful to have as our partner on this mission!” said Viktoria Karolova, Technology Operations Manager at Slido.

The first event of 2023 will be focused on how Machine Learning is applied across product development to solve customer and business problems. Tech industry leaders from, Slido, and STRV will be talking about how they improve their products by using ML and NLP. Specifically, Thomas Browne, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at will be covering the question of why AB tests are popular; Andrej Švec, ML Lead at Slido will talk about NLP Models in production; and the guest speaker Jaroslav Bezděk, Machine Learning Engineer at STRV will demonstrate how a recommendation system relates to search relevance.

This event will take place on 16 February, 2023, from 18:00 to 21:00 at the office in Bratislava, Žižkova 22B (Zuckermandel). Those interested in participating can find more information and register here.

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