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October 27, 2021 partners with fellow travel innovator bringing its customers access to the flight database of more than 600 airlines worldwide

Although blockchain technology was not a widely considered payment preference several years ago, today increasing numbers of people own crypto currency and actively use it in daily life. Companies are more and more acknowledging this by implementing payment gates that accept crypto currencies, and some base their business solely on crypto.

This includes the company that gives cryptocurrencies an additional use case by accepting them for travel purchases. By partnering with fellow travel innovator,, is bringing its customers access to flight and route choices with more than 600 airlines around the world. and disrupt the travel industry, bringing crypto to everyday flight bookings and began their cooperation in early 2021, with’s dependable technology and immense flight inventory — which covers 95% of all available flight travel content — enabling to offer a vast array of flights to their customers. and both are disruptors and share a common understanding of the travel industry. Both companies work towards turning traditional travel rules upside down and challenging the status quo to create better experiences and bring greater benefits to travelers.

Both and are working towards disrupting the travel industry to offer better service to travelers. revolutionized the travel industry thanks to its pioneering Virtual Interlining technology and its unique travel vision, facilitating a range of travel innovations and travel hacks. This allows’s customers to travel more for less. develops many in-house ancillary products, such as Virtual Fare Types and Guarantee, allowing travelers to get better services and giving the customer the choice of the level of travel flexibility they want to have.

Travala is disrupting tradition thanks to its blockchain technology promoting decentralized payments and peer-to-peer transactions for travelers. This allows to cut out the traditional payment intermediaries. builds solutions that enable anyone to book their travel from door to door with cryptocurrencies, adding flights was a key step in their journey. entered the travel industry market as a blockchain online travel agency (OTA), allowing their customers to book flights with bitcoin and 60+ other cryptocurrencies. The company’s mission is to make crypto payments a mainstream option in the travel industry and encourage the use of travel-specific cryptocurrencies, such as AVA.

Based on’s data at the time of writing, the most popular routes purchased with cryptocurrency include itineraries within the United States, Mexico, and European countries. The most popular flights booked are London-Dubai, Buenos Aires-Miami, and Guatemala-Punta Cana.

Book flights with crypto and see the world, powered by the and partnership.

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