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Ninety-five per cent and counting

March 03, 2021 boosts its travel content by partnering with Sabre and CTW Consulting has expanded its market reach by partnering with leading travel technology company Sabre Corporation, headquartered in Southlake, Texas and Europe-based CTW Consulting, to bring further improvement to its offering to customers by having access to over ninety-five percent of travel content worldwide.

“To fuel recovery, travel tech companies like need access to the broadest range of content”, said Madhavan Kasthuri, managing director – online EMEA for Sabre Travel Solutions. “ is already a proven industry innovator that is delivering a highly sophisticated end-to-end experience to its customers. In addition, it is now providing increased choice and flexibility, which is crucial in helping gain peoples’ trust to travel again. We are looking forward to helping increase its global footprint and helping it drive the imminent recovery of online travel.”

In addition to partnering with Sabre, has signed a deal with CTW, a platform that, according to ATPCO rating, has the most accurate airline pricing system. The CTW Platform connects content providers with retailers worldwide and provides complete shopping, fares and pricing, reshopping and ancillaries data.

CTW CEO Assen Vassilev commented: “Partnering with industry leader validates the enormous efforts we have put into becoming the most technologically advanced and accurate pricing system on the market. CTW’s goal is to create new market opportunities in multiple airline technology segments that were previously technologically impossible or prohibitively expensive.” understands the value of extending its travel content to bring the widest options and the best value to partners and customers.  The company’s vision of self-connected itineraries, or virtually interlined routes, requires the broadest spectrum of travel options to provide the best combination for a traveler.

Ondrej Cikanek, VP of Content, shared more on the topic of’s travel content:

Where does source its travel content from? 

We source travel content from many different channels, be it from the airlines directly or various content aggregators, including Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Our goal is to gather massive amounts of travel data, so that we can support the combination algorithm that builds our virtually interlined, or self-connected, itineraries.

Historically, as started with mainly low-cost airlines (LCC) combination offers, we acquired data directly from the airlines. As we were growing and expanding our reach, we additionally began to implement GDS to cover legacy airlines around the world.

Our primary long-term GDS partner remains Amadeus, and we’re happy also to include Sabre as our partner, providing us with the largest market share in OTAs (Online Travel Agencies). Additionally, we cooperate with Travelerport and enrich our offer with CTW, a brand new GDS player entering the travel market.

Overall, we’re covering more than 95% of travel content worldwide. Our goal is to reach 100% so that our customer can have even more options to get from any A to any B, anywhere in the world.

How does cooperation with Sabre and CTW push within the travel content offer? 

Our ultimate goal is to enrich and diversify the travel content to offer better virtually interlined routes, by adding more itineraries and price points. With obtaining the raw travel content data, we can better supply our combination engine. This way, our content offer differs significantly, starting from direct routes to multimodal and virtually interlined itineraries.

Both Sabre and CTW provide highly scalable shopping and pricing solutions which enrich our GDS offering to our customers. With Sabre, we also implemented the full booking flow and can benefit from the content enhancement for the end-to-end process.
What other content partners does have and how do these partnerships help’s B2B and B2C customers?  

Together with Amadeus we have developed custom-made solutions, under the name of Kiwideus, which helped us dramatically increase the amount of available GDS content back in 2017.

Amadeus powered< with 750 million combinations; it boosted our business and our search results to a totally new level. As of today we’re still one of the largest OTA customers for Amadeus.

Our content offering is distribution channel-agnostic; therefore, any customer, be it B2B, B2C, or B2B2C, benefits from any content offering improvements we implement.

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