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Brussels Charleroi Connects transferring passengers

December 15, 2021

Brussels South Charleroi Airport partners with to improve the self-connect transfer experience has a new airport partner – Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Under the name of BrusselsCharleroiConnects, the airport now supports’s self-connecting passengers.

Customers of transferring at Brussels South Charleroi Airport can now benefit from the Smart Pass service that includes Fast Track, bringing a smoother stopover experience. Fast Track service reduces the minimum connecting time at the airport, allowing passengers to move through the airport faster.’s Virtual Interlining algorithm brings many uncovered route options for Charleroi, connecting low-cost and legacy carriers that don’t usually have commercial agreements into one single itinerary. This way, supports Brussels South Charleroi Airport in becoming a true virtual hub, offering many route options for its travelers. Smart Pass helps to transfer smoothly

Implementing Smart Pass brings benefits for both travelers and airports. While passengers enjoy a great variety of travel options and cheap prices, airports, including Charleroi, benefit from more traffic through the airport and provide a better transfer experience for those passengers.

Brussels Charleroi airport and BrusselsCharleroiConnects web page with transfer info,

As part of the Smart Pass service, some airports also include discount offers for their passengers, providing better deals for the shops and restaurants within the airport. Smart Pass is already available at nine airports around Europe, including Prague Airport and Berlin Airport, and more are planned to join in the coming months.

How does it work for a customer?

  1. When booking a self-connecting trip with, if the itinerary includes a Smart Pass offer at the stopover airport, the passenger is automatically informed about the benefits and how to use them during the booking process.
  2. Once the booking is confirmed all the information about the Smart Pass benefits is also shared in a confirmation email where the passenger learns how and where to use the service and is provided with all the necessary documents to use the Fast Track and other benefits, if offered.

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