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Zodiac signs and travels: who spends more, who gets meals on board, and who can’t travel by themselves

September 21, 2021

21 September 2021 – took a light-hearted look at their data to get an understanding of whether the day someone was born affects their travel behavior.   

Bookings price

Capricorns seem to spend the least on bookings, which is expected for their money-oriented approach and practical nature, whilst Sagittarians with their giving and living in the moment nature are spending the most. Capricorns also seem to like traveling solo the most – not surprising as they are known for their inner state of independence. Taureans are the zodiac sign that travels solo the least and love to travel in a couple.

Meals on board

True food lovers of the zodiacs, Taureans, are expectedly the ones in first place for purchasing meals on board, contrary to Capricorns. The latter would rather bring a food container and enjoy their own food whilst saving money on purchasing airline food.


Ariens and thoughtful Cancerians tend to buy insurance more than other zodiac signs, while, of course, laid-back Geminis would laugh if you ask them to buy insurance. Everything works out eventually for them anyway!

Taking their pets

Ariens are also the sign that most often take their pet with them on trips. These fiery personalities are sweet on the inside, they love adventure and would prefer to take their furry friend with them. In contrast, Leos have the least bookings with pets as they prefer the attention on them and not on some cute puppy.  They have nothing to worry about though, wherever they go, no puppy can match their glamour.

Sports equipment

Being lovers of having everything (and everyone) under control, Scorpios love to be prepared fully for their trip, and we see them purchasing their sports equipment more regularly than the other star signs. This is in contrast to Sagittarians, who, although they are known to be an active sign, purchased the least equipment.  An explanation could be that Sagittarians, would prefer to rent the equipment on the spot without limiting their freedom, because who knows? Maybe there will be something more interesting at their destination! 

Booking in advance

The true free spirit and the biggest travel lover of the twelve zodiac signs, Sagittarius, is always planning its next adventure.  This can be seen in their booking style as well, with them being the sign that books most in advance.

Where to?

Although more or less all the zodiacs have similar favorite destinations, such as London, Paris, Barcelona, Istanbul, Vienna, Milan, and Athens, there is some interesting detail if you look closer. 

Virgos and Libras are the first to go overseas to New York. Fashion icons Libras feel at home in one of the most fashionable cities worldwide, while sophisticated Virgos would most likely head directly to Manhattan’s elite areas, the clean streets and polite neighborhoods will appeal to their star sign tendencies.

Aquarians and Pisceans are the first to book trips to Asia, with Bangkok in the first place.  Interested in everything, Aquarians find themselves exploring new cultures, whilst melancholic Pisceans can’t get enough of the ocean’s blue. 

Always up for an adventure, Sagittarians are the first to go to Latin America and specifically Mexico. 

– Ends –

Notes to Editors ran a report of travel booking behaviors by date of birth which was then segmented by zodiac sign.  The report covered over 10,000 bookings across all age groups globally.  It is a light-hearted look at the nature of zodiac signs to travel as the fluctuation in behavior showed minimal differences.

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