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Winter Travels: 43% of travelers booking top destinations are escaping the cold

December 09, 2021

9 December 2021, Prague – Between 1 December and 31 March, Budapest and Istanbul are in the top two bookings globally on*, followed by London, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Kyiv, Rome, Milan, Bucharest, and Vienna.  While the top ten are mostly colder destinations, the warmer destinations follow them, making up a total of 43%.

“According to data, 43% of travelers heading to top 100 destinations for this winter choose countries where they can enjoy the sun in the middle of the winter. Destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City, Bogota, Bangkok, Tenerife are being most popular,” says Eliška Řezníček Dočkalová, Customer Experience Director at presents two unique archipelagos off the coast of Africa: the Canary Islands, where pleasant spring-like weather awaits tourists, and the perhaps less well-known but exotic Cape Verde, where travellers can have a summer-like holiday in winter.

Canary Islands: laurel forests, lunar landscape, azure ocean – popular choice to escape winter

The Canary Islands are Spain’s southernmost autonomous community, made up of seven major and several smaller islands, located some 125-200 km off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean.  The volcanic nature of the islands is felt throughout the archipelago.  The mountain peaks, calderas and gorges are surrounded by lush green vegetation in most places, while they are completely barren in others.  On the coastline surrounding the islands, there are stretches of developed water sports in the azure blue ocean, as well as more deserted areas.  Laurel forests, citrus groves, palm groves: many of the islands are UNESCO World Heritage sites. tip: Within the same island, you can experience a difference of up to 4-8°C: sunbathing in one part of the island and a spring coat in another.  It’s always a good idea to pack layers, especially if you plan to hike in the mountains.

Cape Verde: swimming in volcanic lakes, sandboarding – exotic destination to discover

Cape Verde, 450 km off the coast of Africa, is made up of volcanic islands with temperatures of 27-28°C all year round.  Long, deserted beaches of white sand, quiet seaside towns, diving and surfing, modern hotels, active volcano climbing, and catamaran tours.  The islands offer a wide variety of dishes, from fresh fish, lobster and tuna fried noodles to their national dish, cachupa, a stew made from a variety of beans, corn, and different meats or fish.

Whichever island you go to, you can expect a clash of cultures in music, fashion, but most of all in food, as the islands discovered by the Portuguese, have African and Brazilian influences alongside Portuguese.

Temperature change and jetlag?

The temperature change can be a shock and disrupt your sleep patterns.  In the days before you travel, advises you to go to bed a little earlier or later depending on where you are traveling to and drink plenty of fluids, preferably water.  It’s also worth drinking a lot of water because the humidity in a new country, which is different from your home country, can lead to dehydration.  The warmer the weather in your chosen destination, the longer your holiday should be, if possible, to give some time to acclimatize and recharge. advises all passengers to check all the entry and visa requirements before traveling.

* Bookings made between 1 January and 7 December 2021 for the period 1 December 2021 to 31 March 2022.

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