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Wellbeing after Covid-19: ten destinations to recharge your mind and body

April 21, 2021

21 April 2021, Prague – Since the arrival of Covid-19, health and wellbeing has been at the forefront of most people’s minds. Constant uncertainty, money worries, health concerns and isolation are just some of the negative emotions people around the world have been experiencing daily for over a year now. summed up ten destinations for any taste and budget, where people can recuperate and rebalance when the opportunity to travel returns.

With museums, cultural sites, hiking and paragliding over breathtaking views in the Himalayas, India, the birthplace of yoga, is undoubtedly one of the top destinations for mental wellbeing. With a variety of choices for meditation, yoga centres, and — if you are lucky —  a teaching class by the Dalai Lama, it is the place to visit to recharge, connect with your inner self and put your mind into a state of peace for the following months.

According to data, searches from the Czech Republic to India remain relatively high with over 12 million searches processed this year so far. The reduced, on average by 53%, cost of tickets compared to the pre-pandemic may be one of the reasons Czechs are looking forward to booking their trip once there is the opportunity. In Slovakia, the interest to travel to India has grown as by much as 325%, while Spain sees an early interest in post-covid travel to India, with over 15 million searches for tickets being conducted so far this year.

White sandy beaches, coral reefs, ancient temples, volcanoes and waterfalls, Bali is the place to find yourself after a year of limitations. Combined with yoga and meditation, it is high on the list of wellbeing destinations to travel to when you can. There are resorts offering alternative retreats, such as aquatic bodywork or yoga and clay, which is a practice that allows guests to get closer to their bodies, minds and hearts through interactions with clay on a potter’s wheel.  Bali welcomes all levels of yoga practitioners, from beginners to advanced to experience physical and spiritual recharge. 

Similar to India, searches from Slovakia to Indonesia have increased by 320% compared to the past year, while in Spain the searches so far this year are exceeding 18 million indicating that preparing for post-Covid wellness travel is top of mind.

For those who find activities and rushes of adrenaline as a way to feel relaxed, then Hawaii is a great choice. Offering its visitors a variety of activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling and hiking, it is the place to have it all; the adrenaline and the calm of the beach yoga and massages.

The top searches for travel in recent years from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Spain to the US are New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Boston – for reaching Hawaii there are many routes you can take, and thanks to’s tech innovation, that enables self-connecting itineraries, it’s possible to find unique routes connecting different airlines, even if they don’t have commercial agreements. 

Japan is long-known for its traditional spa therapies. Famous for its volcanic hot springs resorts, Hakone town, is the place to experience first hand Japan’s rich spa tradition. With over a dozen hot springs in the area, the geothermally heated mineral-enhanced waters are believed to heal everything, from detoxification to anti-aging. Some of the resorts offer green tea, coffee, wine or even sake pools, with views on Hakone forests and mountains.

For those who feel more comfortable going to close-to-home destinations there are still many choices. 

Czech Republic
Closer to home,  Czech Republic and specifically Karlovy Vary is a popular wellness destination – usually it’s very expensive for foreign tourists, but due to the pandemic, the prices have significantly dropped. From luxury hotels to cozy little apartments, Karlovy Vary has great charm with a Monaco-like atmosphere and local spas dating back to the 16th century when the city was a meeting place of the European aristocracy.

Located under the majestic/mighty High Tatras mountains in Slovakia, Besenova village is one of the to-go places among Slovak spas. With thermal springs that will warm your body and soul, the price is totally reasonable and doesn’t require planning way in advance. 

The neighbour Lower Austria region, with Vienna in its centre, offers to visitors, amongst other things, thermal springs and wellness oases with a view of Alpine countryside, lush vineyards or gently rolling hills.

Budapest is known as a City of Spas as there are many natural warm spring waters under the Hungarian capital. Already the Celts, the Romans and the Turks have enjoyed the great local thermal baths. Besides that, Budapest is also called Paris of the East which is very true, the city is very charming and photographic, only walking through its streets will give you peace of mind. 

Italy has a number of wellness destinations to choose from and not far from well-known tourist places such as Milan, Rome and Naples. While the warm Mediterranean weather is good for lifting your spirits by itself for a variety of reasons, spa resorts from Lake Garda to Tuscany to Ischia, enhance Italy’s charm even more. Vinotherapies, thermal waters and mud therapies are just a few of the activities the country offers to help you relax and disconnect.

Sapphire beaches of Menorca,  the island of the volcanoes, Lanzarote, breathtaking mountain views in Asturias and the wild coast of Costa Brava, Spain has nothing to be jealous of. All make great destinations to recharge after being locked inside for more than a year.

Almost 14% of the flights booked from Europe to Europe on in 2021, are flights to Spain, making it currently the most booked European destination – sunshine, fun time and relaxation being great for general wellbeing.

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