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Media room:
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Sunny destinations are top choice for travellers during the second Easter in the Covid-era

April 09, 2021

9 April 2021, Prague – On Sunday, the second ‘Covid Easter’ was celebrated around the world. dug into its data to find out which destinations were preferred by travellers, as well as the ways in which they have been affected by the pandemic.

In recent years, London, Barcelona, Paris, Athens and Tel Aviv have been the world’s most popular destinations for the Easter period. Catholic and Jewish Passover take place at around the same time, while the Orthodox Easter follows closely, but this period in 2021 saw some marked changes to traveller preferences. 

Apart from London, all the aforementioned cities dropped out of the top ten, giving way to more exotic destinations such as Istanbul, which is the world’s number one destination so far this year, Mexico City, Bogota, Cancun, and American ‘summer-all-year’ destinations such as Las Vegas and Orlando.  

When it comes to the most searched destinations, the trend is similar to that seen for bookings. Warmer destinations, such as Cancun, Las Vegas, Dubai, Miami, Los Angeles and Orlando were the most-searched during the month of March.

What about the prices?

The biggest global price increases compared to March 2020 were seen in the continent of Oceania. The highest increases were for tickets from Oceania to Asia (70%), to America (103%), and to Africa (133%). The biggest decreases in ticket prices were for flights from Africa to Asia (32%), Africa to Europe (27%) and from Europe to Asia (29%). tip: Easter Island was discovered in 1722 by the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen on Easter Sunday. It is definitely worth visiting any time of the year. We recommend booking a trip with a stop-over in Chile which is now the most vaccinated country in South America and also 4th in the World with 37% of the population that received at least one dose of vaccine.

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