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Phuket we’re British: 15 destinations Brits can’t pronounce

March 25, 2019 provides elocution lessons on common place names Brits can’t pronounce

LONDON, 25th March 2019 — Travel-technology company,, has attempted to combat the minefield of mispronounced place names from around the world by compiling a list of the most tongue-tying locations.

The online travel agent has every Brit covered with this fool-proof guide to elocution for those hard to pronounce places.

Antigua — An-tee-guh


An island filled with history — Nelson’s Dockyard, Dickenson Bay, Fort James and Falmouth Harbour. The island is surrounded by the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea and littered with the most beautiful corals for travelers to explore. The former military look out will alert travelers of Antigua’s eventful history.

London to Antigua

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Arkansas, USA — Ark-an-saw


An America state perfect for a hiking holiday — the environment is filled with mountains, caves and areas of wilderness. The state borders the Mississippi River and its capital, Little Rock, houses Bill Clinton’s presidential archives. Sightseers can bask in culture during a short trip to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and the Hot Springs National Park makes for the perfect escape from the urban environments.

London to Arkansas

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Azerbaijan — Azz-uhr-beh-JAHN


From the volcanic lands of Qobustan to the audacious medieval town of Baku, Azerbaijan has a plentiful list of sites and delights to enjoy. Encircled by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, travelers will never be short of jaw-dropping views to snap up.

London to Azerbaijan

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Kazakhstan — KAH-zak-stahn


Kazakhstan takes the glory of the largest landlocked country in the world. Located to the west of Mongolia, Kazakhstan represents a country with a wild history and one rich in culture. The capital city, Astana — labelled “The World’s Weirdest Capital City” by CNN — offers a mirage-like landscape, scarred by large marble and glass architecture.

London to Kazakhstan

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Krakow — Crack-off


A city affluent in well-preserved medieval history. The iconic St Mary’s Basilica and Wawel Royal Castle make up a huge list of places to visit when in Krakow. The Unesco World Heritage Site, Cloth Hall, makes for an incredible snapshot in to the culture of the country and the architecture makes for a stark reminder of the Renaissance period.

London to Krakow

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Laos — Lao


A mountainous country found in Asia famous for its landscapes of natural beauty and culturally packed markets. Travelers are able to bask their eyes on the hastening waterfalls of Kuang Si Falls and the spiritual caves of Pak Ou. After all the adventures, explorers can take a retreat and soak up the culture and heritage of Laos by visiting the many market stalls found across the region.

London to Laos

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Liechtenstein – LICK-tuhn-stine


A small country known for its medieval castles and heritage. The section of land is also mostly accessible from Zurich Airport. Lichtenstein is a must for families with something to do around every corner. Visit Valdus, Malbun or go for a hike along the morphed landscape of Schaanwald — Brits will love this hidden gem.

London to Zurich

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Majorca — Ma-yorka


Already a fan favorite for many British tourists but a handful still can’t pronounce the Spanish island correctly. Whether it’s taking a trip to the capital, Palma, or going on an excursion to the narrow streets of Old Town Pollença, the island is perfect for a family getaway. The crystal blue waters found at Cap de Formentor also makes for pure relaxation.

London to Majorca

Flights on from £23

Oaxaca — wuh-HAH-kuh


Located in central Mexico and home to some of the most alluring landscapes across the country, Oaxaca is a must for any traveler heading to Mexico. The town is filled with bold architecture left from previous centuries; Zona Arqueológica de Monte Albán and Plataforma Sur. Holiday-makers can also engulf themselves in the town’s culture by visiting the Mercado Benito Juárez.

London to Oaxaca

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Phnom Penh — Nom pen

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, is a small, yet busy town in the heart of the city. Once travelers get the pronunciation correct, picturesque walks along the Tonle Sap river can make up a large proportion of the idyllic activities to be carried out. A short visit to the National Museum, home to many historic artifacts, will also educate travelers dark history behind Cambodia. For a taste of culture, holiday-makers can visit the Central Market.

London to Phnom Penh

Flights on from £364

Phuket — Poo-ket


Home to various high-end sea resorts and host to a plethora of nightclubs and parties, Phuket is definitely a hotspot for the youth. Once the pronunciation is perfected, and it doesn’t sound like a profanity, travelers can start enjoying the many picturesque beaches the island has to offer.

London to Phuket

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Ras al-Khaimah — Rass al Hayma

Ras al-Khaimah

Ras al-Khaimah is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and is where the Dhayah Fort can be found; a 19th-century castle with the delightful landscape views. The city also neighbors the artificial Marjan Island, which consists of high-end luxury apartments and hotel, Bab Al Bahr.

London to Ras al-Khaimah

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Reykjavik — REY-kyah-vik


The largest city in Iceland and also the country’s capital — the list of places to see is endless; Epal Harpa, Perlan and the ever confusingly named Hallgrimskirkja, the city’s cathedral. Lovers of geography will be thrilled to visit the geothermal Blue Lagoon and the natural wonders along the Golden Circle.

London to Reykjavik

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Ukraine — Yoo-krAIn


The destination is definitely a fun adventure for any keen traveler to embark on. With a rich historical past, the city hosted the European Cup Final in 2018 providing football fans with many places to eat and drink . Places to visit include; Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and Kharkiv.

London to Ukraine

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Yosemite — Yoh-sem-it-ee


Yosemite National Park is found in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and is home to one of the most photographed landscapes in history. Highlights across the landscape include El Capitan, the Half Dome and Sentinel Rock. Keep an eye out for marmots, bobcats and mule deer.

London to Yosemite

Flights on from £443


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