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Market Recovery Update: 1 September – 30 September 2020

October 05, 2020

See the current Market Recovery Update for the month of September 2020 that includes top 5 destinations for the Czech Republic, Spain, and Slovakia, together with top 5 European routes. Additionally, the update includes the comparison of long and short-haul flight bookings and trends of virtually interlined flights versus direct.

  • The number of bookings increased by 7.6% in comparison to the month of August 2020;
  • Average booking window (time between booking & departing): 16.8 days;
  • Top 5 destinations for the Czech Republic (excluding domestic travel):
    • Spain,
    • Ukraine,
    • Italy,
    • The United Kingdom,
    • Greece.
  • Top 5 destinations for Spain (excluding domestic travel):
    • Germany,
    • Italy,
    • The United Kingdom,
    • France,
    • Poland.
  • Top 5 destinations for Slovakia (excluding domestic travel):
    • The United Kingdom,
    • Greece,
    • Czechia,
    • Ukraine,
    • Italy.
  • Top 5 European routes (excluding domestic travel):
    • Bucharest – London,
    • London – Athens,
    • Vienna – Athens,
    • London – Milan,
    • Athens – London.
  • Travelers prefer short and medium-haul flights to long haul flights in September 2020:
graph short and long haul flights
Graph of short and medium-haul flight bookings for September 2020, Data:
  • When it comes to the itinerary, travelers prefer self-connected flights to direct flights in September 2020:
Graph virtually interlined versus direct flights
Graph of self-connected flights versus direct in September 2020, Data:
  • booking platform continues to dominate comparing to other third-party payment platforms across travel industry clients:
Third-party payment platform across travel industry
Graph comparing third-party payment platforms and

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About was established when 23-year-old, Oliver Dlouhy, and Jozef Képesi recognised they weren’t being given the whole picture when it came to getting the best deal on flights.

Using advanced technology they set up to find routes that airlines are not displaying to customers or they cannot sell themselves. By challenging the way it has always been done, exposing loopholes in airline pricing, and showing the deals that airlines do not want people to see, they found they could save customers money.

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