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Travel updates 2022 Christmas holiday travel trends

December 15, 2022
  • Tickets for short and medium-haul flights remained cheaper than before the pandemic
  • United States, Thailand, and Spain are the most booked destinations for the holidays on

15 December 2022 – Bookings for this holiday period have seen a 15% rise globally compared to 2019, data shows.  The most booked countries are the States, Thailand, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom, while on city-level Bangkok, London, Milan, Kuala Lumpur, and Paris are on top.  Bangkok to Phuket City, Lima to Cusco, and Tel Aviv to Budapest are among the top-booked routes.

In terms of prices of the tickets, an average increase can be seen, however, when looking into prices of tickets per flight duration – short-haul flights (0-1499km) are still cheaper than pre-pandemic 2019, while prices of tickets for medium (1500-3999km) and long-haul flights (4000km+) have increased. 

Short-haul flights Medium-haul flights Long-haul flights
2019 €125 €221 €648
2022 €118 €243


Most travel was booked for the week of 19 December and specifically on the day of 23 December.  Those booking return flights mostly stay one to two weeks at their destination (31%) or four to six days (27%).

The nationalities traveling mostly on a global level this holiday season are Americans, Italians, British and French. 

On a European level, bookings are seeing an increase of 10% compared to pre-pandemic, with Spain, Italy, the UK, Poland and France being the most booked by European travelers this holiday season.  London-Milan, London-Dublin, Bucharest-London, Warsaw-Paris, and Vienna-Barcelona, are among the most booked routes on to travel from Europe and, similarly to global stats, prices for short and medium-haul flights remain cheaper than pre-pandemic, while long-haul flights have become more expensive.

Italians, British, Romanians, Spanish, and Polish are the nationalities traveling mostly from Europe. 

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