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July 2022: data shows a 130% increase in bookings departing from Europe

July 29, 2022

29 July 2022 –  The first summer without Covid-19 restrictions has seen excessive travel demand. data shows a 130%  increase in bookings departing from Europe comparing July 2021 with July 2022.   

Top ten most booked destinations (July 2022)

London, Milan, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Lisbon, Vienna, Athens, Palma de Mallorca, Dublin 

High demand, an increase in fuel prices and inflation are likely influences on increasing price of tickets.  They are on average 54% more expensive than prior to the summer (April, May) and 58% more expensive than in July last year.  

 The cost of tickets has almost reached the pre-pandemic levels in July 2022, being only 4.6% cheaper than in 2019.   However, booking now for travel in September can mean around a 30% drop in price, making it a preferable option for those who can travel after the peak summer period.

With the travel season at its peak, flight cancellations caused mainly by staff shortages have been the new risk when traveling this summer.  Between June and July 2022, recorded an airline cancellation rate of 4.19% for flights departing from Europe, compared to a 2.32% rate during April and May.  

With the increased threat of disruption, many travelers opted for additional services to protect themselves in the event of an unfortunate situation.  Specifically,  for travelers from Europe choosing the AirHelp Plus service (which helps to claim compensation from the airlines in the event of flight delay or cancellation) demand doubled during the months of June and July compared to the spring months.  The same goes for the Blue Ribbon Bag protection, which helps track and expedite the return of lost or delayed baggage – purchases for the summer months increased by 90% times compared to April-May. 

With the rollout of vaccines and airlines resuming their flights, the confidence to travel has grown but data still shows that in July, 40% of travelers booked their trips close to the departure date – less than 2 weeks in advance, with 15% of those less than three days prior to their departure.  The average booking window was a month in advance (31 days).  So far, the most popular travel week from Europe this summer was the week of 4th July, and for August, the first week of the month is most booked.

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