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Couples swap romantic getaway for solo travel in new honeymoon trend

April 03, 2019

London, 3 April 2019 — Flight booking site, has delved into the bizarre new travel trend, coined “solomooning”, which highlights the emergence of newlywed couples opting to take honeymoons separately…

This unusual approach to married life is a trend taking over the world, with over 1,700 posts on Instagram dating back at far as 2012, using the hashtag #solomoon and #unimoon another term for this growing phenomenon.

This shift in solo travel has been a continually growing trend in recent years, with recording a 90 per cent rise in single bookings in 2018, the increase in newlywed couples electing to honeymoon alone is a development that has only recently come to light.

Couples swap romantic getaway for solo travel in new honeymoon trend — Shutterstock

Conflicting work schedules and demanding jobs have been spouted as reasons behind this growing trend, but some newlyweds are choosing to holiday alone when a destination can’t be agreed.

Mancunians have emerged as leading lone travelers, with a recorded 123 per cent rise in solo bookings from the northern powerhouse in 2018. Single fights from Scotland were also up by 99 per cent in 2018, with Amsterdam proving to be the most popular destination for those deciding to take some alone time.

Amsterdam, Athens and the Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv make up the top three destinations for lonesome travelers looking to escape Blighty. These short-haul cities cater to anyone seeking a solo-cation, with a plethora of amenities to cater to anyone on their lonesome.

Couples swap romantic getaway for solo travel in new honeymoon trend — Shutterstock

Solomooning has in fact emerged alongside another couples travel trend in recent years. #babymooning, the practice of expecting parents going on their travels before their new arrival takes over — came to public attention in 2015 when ex-TOWIE star Sam Faiers jetted off to the Maldives weeks before her due date.

Alison Couper, Head of Communications at, said: “Solomooning is a new phenomenon that appears to becoming increasingly popular with newlyweds. With more choices available to travelers today than ever before, the pressure to agree the same location as your spouse is increasingly more contentious.

“ offers customers a flexible platform to plan their getaways, which also enables customers to meet up in the middle of their breaks.” 

The top 10 solo travel destinations in 2018 provided by search data results below:

Top 10 single booking destinations from UK



Tel Aviv







New York


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