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Central and Eastern Europe: 8 out of 10 will keep traveling despite the impacts of inflation

November 21, 2022
  • All but Poles are willing to give up on the newest technology to travel

21 November 2022 – A survey carried out by the research agency STEM/MARK for in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania shows that 79% of respondents will keep traveling this winter despite the inflation.

The majority will do so by finding cheaper ways to travel, using different travel hacks or going to more affordable destinations.  This makes up 51% of Hungarians and Romanians, 52% of Slovaks, 54% of Poles and 41% of Czechs.  In the case of Czech travelers, they have the most respondents that won’t travel at all (28%) as they don’t do it anyway during the winter months.  

Czech respondents also hold the highest percentage (25%) of answering that they will keep traveling as usual despite the inflation.  Hungarians voted for this option the least – only 13% stated they won’t change their travel style. 

Out of the five surveyed countries, Romanians hold the highest percentage (84%) of those that plan to travel this winter, followed by Poles (83%), Slovaks (80%), Hungarians (76%) and Czechs (72%).

On the question of how the participants will save money to keep traveling, everyone but Poles chose not to upgrade to the latest technology and stick to their current devices.  Romanian participants voted for this more than any other country – 56%, compared to 49% of Hungarians, 48% of Slovaks,  44% of Czechs and 36% of Poles.  

Poles would instead stop socialising in restaurants and bars and invite people over to their houses.  This is the second most popular option that participants from all countries voted for, apart from Romanians – who voted that they’d stop buying fast fashion and go for long-lasting clothes. 

Top three things participants of each country are willing to give away to save up for travel: 

Czech Republic: Technology (44.6%), Bars/Restaurants (37.2%), Start taking lunch to work (30.5%)

Slovakia: Technology (47.8%), Bars/Restaurants (37.5%), Start taking lunch to work (31.2%)

Hungary:  Technology (49.2%), Bars/Restaurants (40.6%), Use warmer clothes at home to save up on heating (36.8%)

Poland: Bars/Restaurants (48.2%), Technology (36.2%), Fast fashion (32.8%)

Romanians: Technology (56.5%), Fast fashion (43.4%), Start to upcycle (37.9%)

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, etc. were the thing all the participants voted for the least – only two out of ten would save up for travel by closing their account. 

“The consumer survey shows that people are willing to give away some little luxuries to keep traveling.  However, using travel hacks such as self-connecting flights or searching for anywhere/anytime can save a chunk of money that you can use to keep up your lifestyle or spend in your destination,” comments Eliška Řezníček Dočkalová, Director of Customer Experience at 

*Research by STEM/MARK research agency: conducted in October 2022 on a representative sample of 5054 respondents (18-59 years) who had traveled abroad at least twice in the last six years, using the online survey method.

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