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As Japan reopens its borders sees a 92% increase in bookings from Europe

November 02, 2022

2 November 2022 – The announcement of Japan reopening its borders for tourists on 11 October 2022, generated an increase of 92% in bookings from the European continent in October compared to the month before, data shows*.  The week-on-week growth before and after the opening was 52.8%, making the week of 11 October 2022 the busiest in terms of booked flights to Japan so far this year**. 

Tokyo is the top-booked destination with the most popular routes departing from Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and London to the city.   To date, the highest volumes of flights booked to Japan on have been for the weeks commencing 19 December 2022 and 27 March 2023.  

The majority of travelers purchase their ticket in advance, with 35% booking three weeks to two months in advance, 23% two to four months, 16% four to six months and 11% booking six to eleven months in advance.  The time they choose to stay at the booked destination is on average twelve days, with 38% opting for trips that last from one to two weeks, another 38% for trips that last two to three weeks, and 21% for trips that last from three weeks to two months.  The average price per ticket is 870 euros, 19.5% more expensive than in pre-pandemic 2019. 

Spain is the nationality buying flights to Japan the most, followed by France, Italy, Japan and the UK. 

*Flights booked from 1.1.2022-26.10.2022 to travel whenever.

** Flights booked from 1.10.2022-26.10.2022 to travel whenever. 

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