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3.4 billion searches to Asia in 2023: World Travel Hackers’ top destinations & tips

November 11, 2023

Prague, Czech Republic – booking data shows an overall increase in popularity to the Asian continent with 3.4 billion searches made in 2023. Thailand and the Philippines are the most booked in the region for the period between November 2023 and February 2024, with Vietnam, India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore making it to the top ten as well. The continent sees most travel coming from within Asia, followed by Europe, with the average price for short-distance flights at €95, medium-distance at €150, and long-distance at €487. 

November and December are currently the most popular months to travel to Asia, and the festive week of 18 December is the most popular of that month. On average travelers booking return trips on stay 9 days at the destination and 45% travel in couples or in a group. 

Cezary & Katka, from Poland, who got the ultimate summer job to be World Travel Hacker, spent over a month in Asia visiting over twenty different destinations, and they share here their experience and tips when it comes to traveling to Asia. 

  • Which country would you recommend to those who visit Asia for the first time?

Thailand and Vietnam are extremely friendly to newbies. Additionally, a big bonus in Vietnam is the ease of getting around by scooter, which is by far the dominant means of transport and widely used by local residents and tourists.

  • It’s worth taking advantage of cheap flights in the region!

Once you are in Asia, it is worth looking for flights between the countries as they are usually very cheap, and you can easily get from one country to another. We paid 25 EURO for a flight from Malaysia to Phuket (Thailand) during our stay in Asia.

  • Where to eat, delicious and cheap?

Unanimously street food. It is worth choosing places where people sit. Even if they seem less aesthetically attractive from the outside, lots of customers mean good cuisine. Local street food is not only delicious but also cheap. For example, we paid about EUR 0.90 for PHO soup with bubble tea.

  • How to book accommodation?

In Asia, you can certainly be spontaneous – finding cheap and nice accommodation is not difficult, and we used some of the well-known hotel booking sites such as

  • What’s better to have with you: cash or card?

Definitely a card – you can basically pay with it everywhere. In turn, cash in local currency, which is worth having with you, can be withdrawn at an ATM at the airport.

In May 2023,, in partnership with Visa, announced the hunt for applicants to take on the summer job of a lifetime and seven successful applicants and their travel buddies took on the role of World Travel Hackers.



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