2023 Travel Review

Prague, Czech Republic – Leading travel tech company,, has taken a look at the travel behaviors of their customers in 2023.  Over 22.9 billion kilometers were traveled by customers this year, 35.7 billion searches were made to find the perfect route, price or destination for their travels and over 24 millions seats wereContinue reading “ 2023 Travel Review” 140% increase in bookings this summer from Europe

15 September 2022 – bookings from Europe for summer 2022 saw a 140% increase compared to summer 2021, overtaking summer 2019 figures by 92.5%. Italy, Spain and Greece traditionally remain the top summer destinations, although the United Kingdom jumped from seventh place last year to third place this year. London was the top cityContinue reading “ 140% increase in bookings this summer from Europe”

The European summer entices global travelers to return booking data shows Italy, Spain and Greece as most selected European destinations 6 June 2022 – Bookings for summer 2022 are skyrocketing, surpassing 2019 volumes, after two years of lockdowns, restrictions and uncertainty. data* shows that when comparing last year’s summer bookings, this year sees almost four times growth, and when comparing pre-pandemicContinue reading “The European summer entices global travelers to return”