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Company news introduces Mixed Cabin Class itineraries for customers and partners

February 13, 2020

Now travelers can combine first, business, premium economy, and economy classes  in one itinerary

BRNO, 12 February 2019 – As the next step to the successful integration of First, Business, Premium Economy classes in the search, introduces the option to book different classes on a single itinerary.

In the majority of the cases, the customers are not able to combine classes in their itineraries; be it due to the unavailability of the feature from the OTA or airline itself.

With’s virtually interlined itineraries; combining more than 750 normally non-cooperating carriers, the leading travel-tech company serves the needs of the most demanding customers and combines more than one cabin class option into a single itinerary.

Customers can combine more than one cabin class option into a single itinerary
Customers can combine more than one cabin class option into a single itinerary

By mixing cabin classes, travelers have the flexibility to find their optimal itinerary. Travelers have better prices; since flying purely with first or business class is more expensive than mixing it with Premium Economy or Economy, and more options are created since the number of flights with lower cabin itineraries is higher.

Also, this can be a handy tool for travelers who want to fly in a more comfortable class for the long-haul flights, but do not mind traveling economy class for the short-haul ones. 

Someone flying from Prague to New York, will be offered an economy seat between Prague and Madrid and then fly Business Class between Madrid and New York. 

“Mixed classes open new possibilities for all our customers and especially for those who have dynamic travel needs. In business travel, the schedules change very dynamically and time saved on the trips is very valuable for these customers. Mixed classes help them to utilize virtual interlining and even combined cabin classes in a hassle-free manner and save on their travel costs as well,” says Andrej Makovicky, VP of Search BE, Research and Analytics at

Customers are already able to book mixed class itineraries on web and mobile applications by selecting the upgraded class they want to fly with, and then checking the box “Apply mixed classes.” The results will provide the short-haul flight with economy class and the long-haul flight with the class that the customer selected.

From the Virtually Interlined higher cabin bookings, 72% are mixed cabin class itineraries, and the rest 28% is one cabin class bookings.




Founded by Oliver Dlouhý and Jozef Képesi in 2012, is an online search engine allowing users to combine transportation from non-cooperating carriers. It is powered by its proprietary algorithm (Virtual Interlining) that allows users to combine flights and ground transportation from over 750 carriers, including many that do not normally cooperate, accompanied by industry-leading Guarantee. Today, the company sees more than 100 million searches every day and employs over 2,600 people worldwide. ranked seventh in the 2017 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA list, becoming the highest-ever rated Czech company. Following the previous success, ranked fifth in the very same program in 2018.

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