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September 10, 2020

10 September 2020 – Responding to a further attack by Ryanair on the brand through the format of video, shares what Ryanair don’t like and why, in reply.

Ryanair were once the challengers to legacy and tradition. They have grown old and complacent and now find themselves being challenged.

Using data and real time market intelligence, puts together all the available travel information in the market to build customers the best travel itinerary, and then manages that itinerary for them. can create itineraries that Ryanair don’t offer. customers love this as it provides greater choice, with more routes and destinations, and better value.

Ryanair don’t like it because it gives control back to the customer. At we love it for the exact same reason. Giving customers the freedom to travel how they want.

The traveler’s journey is supported by over 700 customer support agents and the automated booking management system, taking care of thousands of bookings every day – and Ryanair don’t like that either. has shown that the ability to mix and match different airlines into a single itinerary is something people like and want and Ryanair is right to feel challenged by this.

We’d encourage everyone to go to to check their options before booking their next flight.

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About was established when 23-year-old, Oliver Dlouhy, and Jozef Képesi recognised they weren’t being given the whole picture when it came to getting the best deal on flights.

Using advanced technology they set up to find routes that airlines are not displaying to customers or they cannot sell themselves. By challenging the way it has always been done, exposing loopholes in airline pricing, and showing the deals that airlines do not want people to see, they found they could save customers money.

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