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Company news and Ryanair announce strategic partnership

January 29, 2024

Prague, Czech Republic – In a significant and positive development, and Ryanair have agreed a strategic partnership that will provide with realtime Ryanair content and pricing, across flights and ancillaries. brings its tech enabled unique content to the partnership such as Nomad multi-city itineraries and Virtual Interlining capabilities that provide additional route options and as a result more sales of Ryanair seats within self-connecting itineraries.’s approach to providing a positive customer experience, particularly in regard to flight disruptions and refunds for canceled flights will be even more prominent, with both parties committed to a uniform process. 

“This partnership will be welcomed by our customer’s, following our investment in our direct-to-consumer brand and growing popularity with ‘Generation Next’, who are not interested in airline loyalty and have grown to use as their preferred app for finding the best flight options.” said Golan Shaked, Chief Commercial Officer,

He adds, “The announcement today of the cooperation with Ryanair is a positive one, ending a period of friction that has impacted our customers. It also reflects our commitment to establishing relationships with all airlines for the benefit of customers and our long-term business objectives.” 


About is a leading global travel-tech company headquartered in the Czech Republic.’s innovative algorithm enables users to find better route options and prices other search engines can’t see, daily performing billions of price checks across 95% of global flight content. 100 million searches are carried out every day on’s website and partner channels. On average, over 70,000 seats are sold daily.

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