Spirit of adventure: Cooperation with Spirit Airlines

How cooperation between Spirit Airlines and Kiwi.com is benefiting consumers of airline and travel-tech company Earlier this summer, Kiwi.com announced a partnership with Spirit Airlines involving the integration of Spirit’s New Distribution Capability (NDC). In the following interview, Pedro Martin Gutierrez Kardum, Senior Key Account Manager at Kiwi.com, reflects on why the relationship with SpiritContinue reading “Spirit of adventure: Cooperation with Spirit Airlines”

Connecting people and places

How Kiwi.com helps airports and tourism boards to boost passenger traffic and bring travelers to their destinations Interview with Wouter Veenstra, Product Manager for Data Insights and Analytics at Kiwi.com How would you define route development, and why does it matter for airports and tourism boards? Route development is about connectivity. It’s about connecting peopleContinue reading “Connecting people and places”

Air Arabia Group strengthens business relationships with Kiwi.com

Kiwi.com has strengthened its partnership with the Middle East and North Africa’s first and largest low-cost carrier (LCC), Air Arabia Group, through the implementation of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi’s API. It makes it the forth airline of the Air Arabia Group with a direct API implemented on Kiwi.com, along with Air Arabia, Air Arabia EgyptContinue reading “Air Arabia Group strengthens business relationships with Kiwi.com”

Attracting visitors to the Land of Beauty

How destination campaign supported by Kiwi.com inspires North American travelers to visit Milan and Lombardy After the successful post-pandemic travel rebound, more and more tourism boards are putting focus on attracting those looking for new destinations now they are excited about traveling again.   One of the ways to grow awareness among potential visitors isContinue reading “Attracting visitors to the Land of Beauty”

Ten years of Virtual Interlining

A digital innovation that has brought self-connect options to over 10 million travelers This year, Kiwi.com celebrates 10 years since it took its unique place in the travel industry as the innovative start-up that brought the then unknown concept of Virtual Interlining to the world. The arrival of this self-connect innovation changed the possibilities forContinue reading “Ten years of Virtual Interlining”

Brussels Charleroi Connects transferring passengers

Brussels South Charleroi Airport partners with Kiwi.com to improve the self-connect transfer experience  Kiwi.com has a new airport partner – Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Under the name of BrusselsCharleroiConnects, the airport now supports Kiwi.com’s self-connecting passengers. Customers of Kiwi.com transferring at Brussels South Charleroi Airport can now benefit from the Smart Pass service that includesContinue reading “Brussels Charleroi Connects transferring passengers”

Visit Portugal: Bringing travelers to your destination [Case Study]

How Kiwi.com cooperated with Visit Portugal tourism board to boost destination awareness and support booking conversion The last couple of years have been the toughest ever seen for the entire travel industry. Businesses initially focused on surviving the impacts of the pandemic, then, as country restrictions were lifted and travel confidence started to grow, itContinue reading “Visit Portugal: Bringing travelers to your destination [Case Study]”

Travala.com chooses Kiwi.com as their Flights API partner

Travala.com partners with fellow travel innovator Kiwi.com bringing its customers access to the flight database of more than 600 airlines worldwide Although blockchain technology was not a widely considered payment preference several years ago, today increasing numbers of people own crypto currency and actively use it in daily life. Companies are more and more acknowledgingContinue reading “Travala.com chooses Kiwi.com as their Flights API partner”

How cooperation with CitizenPlane helps Kiwi.com fill empty planes

Interview with Co-founder of CitizenPlane, Côme Courteault, about the company’s goals, surviving in the pandemic, and cooperation with Kiwi.com Kiwi.com cooperates with many companies, including various airlines, airports, meta searches and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Here we focus on one of our partners – CitizenPlane – the company that helps airlines and tour operators sellContinue reading “How cooperation with CitizenPlane helps Kiwi.com fill empty planes”

How does an airport become a virtual hub?

When Kiwi.com’s powerful algorithm combines with Milan Malpensa Airport’s ViaMilano service Milan Malpensa Airport has chosen to partner with Kiwi.com for the relaunch of their Self-Connect ViaMilano service. The airport was one of the first to recognize the value of self-connecting traffic, initially launching a supporting service in 2012. Travelers who book a self-connect itineraryContinue reading “How does an airport become a virtual hub?”