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How supports customers to manage their booking

May 31, 2024

We talked to Amandine Le Doze, Head of Customer Experience, to understand how provides support to its customers through the Manage My Booking platform is a global travel tech company, booking 24 million seats on flights for its customers in 2023. They visited almost every country in the world and traveled a combined total of 30 billion kilometers, and the company is committed to supporting those customers to provide an excellent travel experience. 

“Travel experiences can vary — generally the prospect of the adventure and of the journey to come is a fun and exciting time, but there are of course times when a traveler may experience anxieties, such as worrying whether they have everything they need for their trip, or finding themselves in a situation where the flight is canceled or delayed,” explains, Amandine Le Doze, Head of Customer Experience at 

“At, we offer very unique travel content. To make sure travelers can get from anywhere to anywhere at the lowest price or best route, we create itineraries by combining different flights from hundreds of different airlines. Given the already complex travel industry and situations beyond the control of travel agencies or customers – such as weather conditions or flight cancellations – it is crucial for customers to know that they can easily make contact and get the right help if anything happens before or during their trip,” she adds. Manage My Booking platform

Clear communication and information is achieved through emails, self-help resources, but most importantly after booking a flight on, customers have access to Manage My Booking, where they can manage all their flights in one place, regardless of the airlines they are flying with. 

“Once logged into Manage My Booking, customers can also find the relevant contact numbers to call us—we have a 24/7 line in English and also offer customer service in 13 other languages—and they can send us messages through the online Helpdesk at any time,” continues Amandine. Manage My Booking is the best way for customers to keep up to date with the most important information about their booking, and also serves as a self-service platform where they can make a variety of changes to their reservation. When signing in, customers can see:

  • The status of the booked flights 
  • booking number 
  • Download and print invoices and E-tickets
  • Purchase additional services
  • Make changes to the booking
  • Add passport information
  • Information about check-in availability and download boarding passes once they are available
  • Apply for refund
  • Information about the passenger, such as contact details and whether a visa is required
  • Receive live updates connected to their reservation through notifications is always looking to improve the customer experience and actively works with customers following their trip to gain feedback of their travel experiences for analyzing and being able to recognise what customers like and where improvements can be made. 

“Customer feedback can come from many different sources, such as customer surveys, Customer Support agent feedback, and review websites. This feedback is precious and we analyze it daily in the Customer Experience team to find patterns and if there are ever any problems, why they have happened. Mostly we find a temporary issue or bug that is quick to spot and fix. Other times we may find that, although nothing is broken, by listening to our customers we see there is just a better way to do things related to our processes or products. The feedback from our customers allows us to adapt, make changes, and create a product that is truly reflective of customer preferences,” concludes Amandine, Head of Customer Experience at 

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