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Attracting visitors to the Land of Beauty

July 25, 2022

How destination campaign supported by inspires North American travelers to visit Milan and Lombardy

After the successful post-pandemic travel rebound, more and more tourism boards are putting focus on attracting those looking for new destinations now they are excited about traveling again.   One of the ways to grow awareness among potential visitors is to cooperate with a travel-tech company such as to reach their existing customer base of keen travelers ready for new adventures.

SEA Milan Airports and Milan Municipality, Lombardy Region, SACBO and ENIT – The National Italian Tourism Agency – have embraced the idea and partnered with to boost passenger traffic from North America. A three-month digital campaign, “Land in Beauty,” aims to increase awareness of Milan and Lombardy as a destination for incoming tourism from the United States and Canada. destination campaign Destination marketing campaign “Land in Beauty” promotes Milan and Lombardy

The goal is to inspire

The main goal of the destination campaign “Land in Beauty” is to reach and inspire travelers coming from the United States and Canada to explore Milan and Lombardy. The campaign shares insight into the Lombardy region and the possibilities the Italian area offers – inspiring to explore the vibrant city of Milan and other historical towns in the region, their nature, and their culture.

In return, partners take advantage of the great visibility ensured by channels, online travel industry expertise, and high-quality materials created by the marketing team. Partners also benefit from the data owned by, such as searches to a specific destination. This data lets everyone know how to set up the campaign properly, with the right target, and accurately measure results. inspirational article Travel magazine article promoting Milan and the Lombardy region,

Activating digital campaign 

Once the destination campaign goals were defined, the partner briefed on targets and provided guidelines to be used when creating the communication materials. Regional airports and local tourist boards provided with visuals and documentation that the authors used when writing the impactful article.

As a result, created a complete marketing package offering the most suitable communication channels to support the reach of the given goals. featured an article in a travel magazine that reaches 130,000 travel enthusiasts monthly focused on Milan’s vibrant energy and the stunning sights around Lombardy and created sponsored posts on social media, email campaigns, and banners – all tailored to inspire American and Canadian travelers. Copywriting and designs were based on the campaign goals after what the campaign was set up, following the analysis and forecasts to ensure the best possible reach and visibility. social media promo Sponsored Facebook posts promoting Milan and Lombardy,

North American travels are ready to be inspired 

Marco Magnasciutti, Senior Key Account Manager at said, “We are very pleased that airports in the region together with Italian Government Tourist Board and tourism boards of Lombardy and Milan have chosen as a platform from which to inspire travelers. Thanks to our vast customers’ database, we can inspire American and Canadian tourists to visit the destination and, moreover, find a range of routes and affordable options to reach this beautiful destination.”

Vittorino Capobianco, Head of Destination Management at SEA Milan Airports added, “This summer season campaign represents a successful cooperation between aviation, travel providers, and Milan/Lombardy destinations. We believe is the right choice for us with the goal to inspire travelers, considering the great customer base and experience the company has with complex marketing campaigns.”

The destination marketing campaign of Lombardy and Milan “Land in Beauty” is now online together with an inspirational article produced by and the landing page

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